Innovate UA


Innovate UA at the University of Arizona developed students who graduate with the key experiences required to demonstrate to employers that they are prepared to help their firms compete in an innovation-driven economy. Innovate UA’s “student leadership” model allowed for the growth of an authentic and lasting campus-wide culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Programs created [...]



In response to the “Age of Accelerations”, a global wave of changes and social disruptions triggered by rapid technology innovations, Justin Williams founded CIVX in 2019 to grow a national movement of Civic Renewal through Deliberation, Innovation, and Action. At CIVX, we work to help Americans in local communities to talk openly with each other [...]

TENWEST Festival


TENWEST Festival is a weeklong celebration of arts, entrepreneurship, technology, and communities. Join culture-makers, technologists, professionals, & community builders alike in being a part of what inspires our next Tucson. The long-term goal of the TENWEST Festival is to explore the diverse attributes of Tucson to attract and retain talent in Southern Arizona. As we [...]

Startup Tucson


I founded Startup Tucson in 2011 to transform our region’s economy through entrepreneurship and innovation by helping to grow a strong, vibrant startup ecosystem of companies, entrepreneurs, and talent in Tucson. To achieve that mission, Startup Tucson serves people aspiring to create or help grow companies in the City of Tucson or adjacent communities in [...]

AZ Tech Council, Tucson Office


The Arizona Technology Council is the driving force behind making their state the fastest growing technology hub in the nation; connecting and empowering Arizona’s technology community. As Arizona's premier trade association for science and technology companies, the Council is recognized as having a diverse professional business community. The Arizona Technology Council offers numerous events, educational [...]



TEDxTucson is a grassroots, 501c(3) nonprofit in Southern Arizona. The TEDxTucson staff are professionals in their fields who give their time voluntarily. All speakers and entertainers take part on a no-fee basis. We are all deeply passionate about unique and stimulating ideas and sharing them! TEDx is a grassroots initiative, created in the spirit of [...]