Project Description

TENWEST Festival is a weeklong celebration of arts, entrepreneurship, technology, and communities. Join culture-makers, technologists, professionals, & community builders alike in being a part of what inspires our next Tucson.

The long-term goal of the TENWEST Festival is to explore the diverse attributes of Tucson to attract and retain talent in Southern Arizona. As we move forward, we strive to be identified with Tucson and Southern Arizona, internationally.

Along with an amazing team, I founded TENWEST Festival in 2015. The festival is central to the mission of Startup Tucson: driving economic development in southern Arizona by fostering the entrepreneurial ecosystem, creating an environment where technologists and innovators can develop their ideas into real businesses, and holding events that reflect these goals.

TENWEST is a week long with 5000 attendees and featured dozens of events and sessions within three key tracks: technology, entrepreneur, and creative. The technology track offered workshops, panels and talks on cutting-edge topics including the internet of things. The entrepreneurship track had sessions on building a company, access to capital and the many skills essential to every entrepreneurs’ toolbox. The creative track addressed the live part of live-work with network mixers, music and entertainment as well as programming on the business of entertainment.