Project Description

In response to the “Age of Accelerations”, a global wave of changes and social disruptions triggered by rapid technology innovations, Justin Williams founded CIVX in 2019 to grow a national movement of Civic Renewal through Deliberation, Innovation, and Action.

At CIVX, we work to help Americans in local communities to talk openly with each other and act meaningfully together to strengthen their communities and our nation.  Three key pillars are essential for building a local movement of civic renewal and activating a community of citizen problem solving:

• Deliberation to form trust and understanding
• Innovation to explore ideas and solutions
• Action to build community and impact

CIVX Leaders Program

Participants in the CIVX Leaders program join a powerful community of emerging and aspiring leaders who share a desire to overcome their differences and build better local communities together. CIVX Leaders bring a personal passion for solving one or more civic challenges and will join with others who share that passion to create and implement solutions. The program has three phases:

Phase 1: Deliberation (Required; 1-Day Event)
Common Problems Lead To Common Ground

Phase 2: Innovation (Required; 3- Day Event)
Developing Ideas for Impact

Phase 3: Action (Optional; Selected Admission; 3-Month Program)
Launching Your High Impact Solution